Edward Adajian, P.E., has over forty years of comprehensive experience in the project management and design for the renovation and new construction of a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. His experience and familiarity with new and renovation programs, methods, and requirements, make Edward well qualified for a wide range of projects. Edward founded Adajian Engineering, Inc. in January 1987, then converted to freelancing in June 2018.

While Edward’s primary area of expertise is Mechanical Systems (plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC), he is networked with a group of equally competent Electrical, Structural, and Architectural Consultants. Edward’s project management experience can provide the well coordinated approach which is required for any building program. He utilizes technology effectively to facilitate communication and data transfer with his clients and consultants.

Energy conservation is an important consideration for nearly every project. Edward’s designs include high efficiency systems as appropriate for the application. Some of his projects are solely to improve energy efficiency while providing reasonably rapid pay backs.

The project lists indicate the engineering services which Edward has been providing for several different clients and types of facilities. His tenets of Engineering Excellence, Integrity, and Exceptional Service, insures that Edward Adajian, P.E. can provide the expertise and attention which all projects demand.