Machine Shop Air Conditioning, Aircraft Manufacturer, Stratford, CT

The design of new air conditioning and makeup air systems for a 30,000 square foot manufacturing and chemical process area.

Compressed Air System, Corporate Research Facility, East Hartford, CT

5,000 PSIG, 2,500 PSIG, and 450 PSIG piping systems as required to accommodate new air compressors and storage tanks.

New Pet Food Products Facility, St. Louis, MO

The complete building design of a new 25,000 square foot food processing, office, and warehouse facility.

New Fume Scrubbers, Plating Company, Fairfield, CT

A new duct collection system to connect 20 chrome plating tanks to three new fume scrubbers (120,000 CFM total) including related structural and electrical design.

Plant Expansion, Seamless Flooring Manufacturer, East Hartford, CT

A 40,000 square foot renovation for the processing and storage of flammable liquids, including related specialized fire protection, HVAC, electrical, and process piping systems.

Finance Offices Renovations, Stamford, CT

Mechanical design for the total renovation of approximately 175,000 square feet of office space.

Bank Check Processing Facility, Hartford, CT

Mechanical and electrical design for the renovation of a 200,000 square foot check processing facility.

Hospital Renovations, Derby, CT

The design of mechanical systems for Physical Therapy, Short Term Surgery, Office, and Nursing area renovations.

College Dining Hall Air Conditioning, Hartford, CT

The design of new systems as required to air condition an existing 600 person Dining Room and a 500person Multipurpose Room.